Portfolio: Rebelle

Nominated as a finalist in the 2014 Hair Expo Australia Apprentice of the Year category, Simone Menenti of é SALON in New South Wales presents her first collection.


Rebelle, the debut collection from Australia’s é SALON stylist Simone Menenti, has a retro feel inspired by two of Hollywood’s biggest sex symbols: Brigitte Bardot and Lynda Carter, who was Miss World USA before donning those indestructible bracelets to become TV’s Wonder Woman. “In the ’70s we saw women strike for equality in the workplace and in relationships, but this was also the decade that brought us glam rock and punk styles,” says Menenti, who drew upon both movements to portray something seductive, enticing and feminine with just a hint of androgyny.

For this image, Menenti crimped tresses before teasing, and then rolled the hair back on itself before pinning it into place, giving the style a slightly masculine shape that looks beautiful on a woman.

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Images: é SALON Creative



To achieve this glam rock–influenced look, Menenti created fishtail braids of varying size and pulled them apart for a textured finish and rebellious style.



Menenti calls this her “fight for equality” woman, who cut her hair to rebel against the hippies and fashion trends of the ’70s.


Taking a cue from Brigitte Bardot, this style is sexy, seductive and feminine. After using a curling iron to set the hair, Menenti brushed it out and spritzed with a sea salt spray for a messy, next-morning feel.


Intricate braiding gives this look a raw elegance.


Choppy layers and a platinum hue help this look to bridge the gap between punky and sexy.

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