Bridal Hair Do's And Don't's for Destination Weddings

When it comes to destination weddings, celebrity hairstylist Frank Barbosa of Frank Antonio Hair and Makeup in Newport, RI, has seen it all — the good and the bad. And with wedding season in full swing, he wants to make sure you are fully prepared to face any hair emergency a client may be facing. Here, Frank provides his expertise on what to do (and not to do) to achieve the perfect bridal ‘do for your guest's destination wedding.

DO consider the climate of your client's location. If your client is planning to tie the knot in a place that has hot, dry desert-like weather, she may want to opt for an up-do to keep hair off her neck. For humid climates, she should think easy and natural and choose a style that plays up her natural texture. For beach weddings where the salty sea air can result in unwanted frizz, make sure she's prepared with a smoothing product such as René Furterer LISSEA leave-in smoothing fluid.

DO work with your guest to prepare a lookbook with pictures of styles that she likes and dislikes. Visuals are always a great place to start a consultation as they can help bridge the gap between a guests mental image and a hairstylist's interpretation. Pinterest is a great tool for creating an inspiration board.

DON’T let your client forget to pack her favorite hair prep/styling products. She won't want to be hunting for the right products once she's arrived at her destination, as this only adds stress leading up to her special day. It’s crucial for her to bring her favorite hair products along!

DON’T use products that will make her hair sticky or too firm for her wedding day, and especially don’t overuse hairspray. This will make the style look forced and contrived, which is very outdated and very unsexy. In my opinion, the biggest mistake made in bridal hair is making the style look overdone.

DO recommend to your guest that she blows out her hair using products for shine and movement the night before the wedding. Spraying hair with René Furterer FIORAVANTI shine enhancing no rinse detangling spray before she blows it dry works wonders! If she doesn't feel confident, recommend that she make an appointment for a pre-wedding blowout with you the day before. This look will not only be ideal for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, but it will also create a great foundation for her wedding day look.

DO use a good working hairspray, not a strong hold formula that will make hair stiff. You’ll want your hair to have movement and look as soft as possible. One of my all-time favorites is René Furterer VEGETAL FINISHING SPRAY. It will leave hair with a satin finish to coordinate perfectly with the dress.  

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