Celebrity Hairstyles: Fresh & Flattering by Lea Journo

Celebrities want an effortless look - a look as if they didn't have a hairstylist come and do their hair. As celebrity hairstylist Lea Journo says, "Not so 'Madame-like' or glammed up, but fresh, loose and flattering." A major trend that Journo has spotted amongst her celebrity clientele is that stars don't want "red carpet" hair every day.
For example, Journo's dear client Orlando Bloom loves wearing his hair in a ponytail or just down and slightly sleeked back. According to Journo, his favorite product is her La Forme, because it's easy for him to do his own hair with the product. Orlando is not one for the ultra clean-cut look and, knowing this, Journo takes his suggestions and creates a look that he loves.
On a recent photo shoot with Pierce Brosnan for the cover of Dujuor Magazine, Journo kept with his beachy style, giving him a fresh haircut but keeping the length. The result was not too clean-cut, but still styled and tailored to his face. Again, Journo added some texture using La Forme.
Another example: Ellen Degeneres, who is famous for her short pixie cut, goes to Journo to keep her look feminine rather than boyish. To achieve a more feminine look for Ellen, Journo gives her longer layers in the front. This is easy for Ellen to style and still gives her a fresh look.
The steps to achieve this easy, effortless look are very important. Journo shares her tips below to help you translate these styles to your own clients.
1. A MUST -  A good haircut. You have to start with a good foundation; just adding product to your hair will not work if you first do not have a good hair cut.
2. You must keep hair hydrated. Using natural plant or fruit derived oils will help keep hair moisturized. Journo uses her Revive French Plum Oil (15 drops) and mixes it with her Parfait Intense Hydrating Masque (1 scoop) to treat her clients hair. This conditions and boost the health of the hair.
With just these two basic steps, it's easy to style hair into place for that fresh and flattering look!

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