Farouk Shami Receives Honorary Doctorate of Beauty Art Presented By Seo Kyeong University

The Council of Graduate Schools at Seo Kyeong University in Korea recently presented Farouk Shami with an honorary Doctorate of Beauty Art in recognition of his outstanding achievements and invaluable contributions to the academic and cultural development of the world wide beauty industry.

“Seo Kyeong is helping advance my lifelong mission of education, environment and ethics. We are honored to be a part of this prestigious establishment,” said Mr. Shami.

The programs are designed to establish the world of beauty as an academic field which focuses on haircare and cosmetic products, treatments, and creative activities. All courses in the hair major are instructed with the use of CHI and BioSilk products and tools. It offers a beauty-journalist program in which students learn how to predict and present new visions through journalism based on a clear understanding of the current beauty industry. The program is designed to produce professionals who can analyze and lead the beauty art industry, and cosmetic panelists who can research and evaluate beauty products and programs.

The Graduate School of Beauty Arts was created to produce professional beauty artists and beauty art educators in an attempt to incorporate science into the art of beauty. At the same time, the Graduate School strives to define our beauty art culture and make it more competitive globally by offering majors in makeup, hair and skincare.

Mr. Shami plans to award scholarships for professors to have the opportunity to continue their education with advanced training courses at the CHI Academy in Houston, TX.

“Hairdressing is an art, like painting or sculpting but with hair instead of canvas or stone. Hairdressing is the greatest profession in the world. It is artistic, scientific and social all at the same time. Still, I never imagined that hairdressing would be my permanent profession. If you love people, you can become a hairdresser; if you are artistic, you can do even better; and, if you have good business sense, you can expand your business without limit,” said Mr. Farouk Shami.

Shami is a well-sought after figure for higher education institutions; he has given lectures at Harvard University and frequently delivers commencement speeches to graduates of top universities around the country. His well-rounded yet non-traditional background - not to mention his success - make him an exceptional motivator and influencer for young, aspiring professionals in any industry. Although Shami came to America with only $71 in his pocket, he has accomplished more in his lifetime than most people ever dream of.

As an inventor and entrepreneur, Shami has 13 US patents and 23 International patents in Design, Chemistry and Physics and has been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year from Newt Gingrich. He has received numerous awards for his work as a professional hairstylist including Top International Colorist and Top Educator of the Century. As a humanitarian, he personally contributes to many non-profits and sits on the board of many organizations including the National Defense University Foundation.

[Image courtesy of Farouk Systems]

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