Favorite Fashion Week Looks by Redken Creative Consultant Guido Palau

The countdown to New York Fashion Week has officially begun! In exactly one month, the world's top designers and stylists will unveil their looks for Spring/Summer 2015. In anticipation of this exciting season, we're taking a look back at some of the most creative, unique and gorgeous styles of Fashion Week's past, all created by renowned Redken Creative Consultant, Guido Palau.

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Prada, Fall/Winter 2010 - High Drama

“The updo seen at Prada was a nod to ‘classic French hairdressing.’ A lacquer finish and dramatic shape give the updo a modern, sculpted feel." [pagebreak]
Alexander Wang, Spring/Summer 2010 - Urban Romance

“The tousled side braid seen at Alexander Wang goes perfectly with the designer’s take on American sportswear. I describe the look as ‘urban romance,’ but it’s not romantic hair in the usual sense – it’s more for the city woman as the classically feminine braid has a bit of an edge to it.” [pagebreak]

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Spring/Summer 2011 - Bigger is Better

“This high-volume, high-texture look was inspired by style icons like Diana Ross and Grace Coddington. I boosted the volume and emphasized the matte texture to create a larger-than-life look with a playful touch.” [pagebreak]

Diesel, Spring/Summer 2012 - The Wet Look

“The look was inspired by a French girl’s style in the 1980’s- it’s easy and effortless, and looks like she’s just come off the beach. Redken guts 10 gives it that wet look without actually having sopping wet hair." [pagebreak]

Marc Jacobs, Spring/Summer 2013 - Miss Sixties

“This is a styled-then-slept-in look: this girl had a glamorous hairstyle the night before, and this is the moment she gets up the next day and is maybe walking down the street for a coffee.” [pagebreak]

Dolce & Gabanna, Spring/Summer 2014 - True Romance

“The girls always look ultra-beautiful for Dolce & Gabanna. Keeping with the brand’s Italian heritage, I found myself drawing inspiration from classic Italian cinema. Fellini’s work was definitely an inspiration for this season. The soft braided updo with the delicate hair accessories is very old world and romantic. Overall, the style is soft, pretty and classically beautiful. It is also flattering on most women, which is wonderful, since women tend to be drawn to the Dolce & Gabanna look each season.” [pagebreak]

Valentino, Fall/Winter 2014 - Whimsical Touch

“The collection this season felt more eclectic, so I wanted the hair at Valentino to be more whimsical and playful. I created a simple part and added a little bit of height at the crown to give the hair a late 60s kind of feel. Regardless of these youthful subtitles, the vibe remained true to the brand’s identity. The hair is beautiful and very Valentino.”

[All images courtesy of Integrated Marketing Communications]

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