Hair Essentials Tackles Problematic Tress Loss

Ranking among some of your clients' most pressing tress concerns: hair loss, without a doubt. But although the causes of hair loss can range from disease to genetics or even stress, your course of action is a simpler matter—regardless of the cause.

Enter Hair Essentials, a daily supplement that works with the body's chemical processes to powerfully, and naturally, combat hair loss.

lating the hair growth cycle

  • Maintaining sebum production for a healthier scalp environment
  • Reducing scalp inflammation
  • Nourishing growth by improving circulation and the delivery of nutrients to the scalp, thus increasing hair shaft diameter and density of growth
  • Some bonus functions of Hair Essentials are:

    • Preventing premature graying
    • Strengthening the keratin structure of the hair, making it less prone to breakage and split ends
    • Improving hair texture and shine


    Hair Essentials is the ideal solution for anyone over 18 who's looking to naturally combat hair loss, repair damaged hair or simply grow healthier hair—fast!

    Psst: All you retail-shy stylists out there will be happy to know that with Hair Essentials, clients will benefit from healthier hair, and your salon will benefit from increased referrals and product sales. Since the supplement reduces shedding, repairs and revitalizes follicles and stimulates faster growth, the best way to support your clients is to offer products that truly help. (Hint, hint.)


    Read on to check out some stunning before-and-afters. The tress transformations will blow you away!


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