How to Build a Curly Clientele

Craving a curlier client base? You've good reason! Curly-haired men and women make up a significant portion of the world demographic, and your salon's numbers can reflect that—as long as you use all the right moves! We checked in with Brandie Kekoa, founder of Be Kekoa Hair Studio and the Be Kekoa product line, to pick up some key tips on attracting and retaining curly clients.


t ease and make that all-important first impression; you must also follow through and follow up. Building curly clientele is all about building trust.


  • Make sure to have a detailed, in-depth consultation. Many first-time clients will tell you some form of horror story about a negative past experience that they've had in the salon. Listen to them, talk to them and ease their mind by telling them about your cutting and coloring techniques. Keep them in the loop every step of the way, but be sure that you explain clearly as to what you're going to do as the professional.


  • Show before-and-after pics! You may not have a huge portfolio to show at first, but whatever you have, show it off! A picture is worth a thousand words, so even if you only have a few images, if the client can see what you can do, she may be instantly relaxed and at ease.


  • Take tons of classes. As a curly hairstylist, I'm constantly learning. There are so many different ways to cut curls. Not all curls are created equally, so you need to know which techniques to use on which client. With all of the curly hair knowledge and information out on YouTube and other social media platforms, we as stylists need to stay on top of our game.


  • Know your products! There are tons of curly products out there. Be selective about the ones you choose to carry, to avoid turning your clients into product junkies. And whichever lines you decide to carry, make sure they offer supplemental education.


  • Follow up with your client to make sure their cut was satisfactory. Your client will only truly know that the cut was done well after they style it themselves. Be sure to remind her about maintaining and hydrating her curls.


These are some of the keys to keeping your happy curly clientele coming back for more. Like everything in life, it's about building relationships. Your client must know what to expect from her experience, and you must deliver on the expectation you've created. We all know how empowered and uplifted we feel when our client leaves feeling beautiful and excited. These are the moments we strive to capture and reproduce.


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