Six of the Most Iconic Royal Hairstyles

Image: WPA Pool via Getty Entertainment Images

It's Prince George's first birthday! To celebrate the little prince's first year, we've put together a list of some of the most iconic royal hairstyles through the last century. From Queen Elizabeth II's always regal coif, to Princess Diana's trend-setting style, to Kate Middleton's signature long, brunette locks, these are the looks fit for royals!

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1. Queen Elizabeth II

  Top Image: Cecil Beaton via Wikimedia Commons; Bottom Image: NASA/Bill Ingalls via Wikimedia Commons

From her coronation day to now, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has always kept her hair perfectly in place. Elegant curls that exude regal, traditional glamour have become her signature, along with her preferred accessory: a hat!  [pagebreak]

2. Diana, Princess of Wales

Image: Nick Parfjonov via Wikimedia Commons

Perhaps one of the most beloved members of the royal family in recent years, Princess Diana soon became known for her impeccable sense of style and her famously fluffy hairstyle. Her cropped, slightly feathered, blonde coif soon set an international trend as women around the world rushed to copy the look. [pagebreak]

3. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Image: Samir Hussein via Getty Images

With her highly publicized courtship and eventual marriage to Prince William, Kate Middleton fast became a beloved member of the royal family. Her signature hairstyle - long, bouncy, brunette locks - is both polished and modern, glamourous yet down-to-earth, adding to her beloved status. Whether touring Australia with her family or attending the Wimbledon finals, she always exudes effortless glamour. [pagebreak]

4. Prince Harry

Image: Glyn Lowe via Wikimedia Commons

The younger brother of Prince William of Cambridge, Prince Harry is known for his military service, (sometimes scandalous) antics and fiery red crop of hair. Typically worn in a perfectly imperfect, tousled style, the rugged, ginger locks are synonymous with the Prince himself. [pagebreak]

5. Pippa Middleton

Image: Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Although not technically royalty, sister to Kate, Pippa Middleton, has become famous in her own right for her flawless sense of style. Recently, Pippa chopped her long, brown locks into a chic, fashionable, long-bob, joining the ranks of celebrities who have opted for this style in past months. The new, carefree look is fun, modern, and simply gorgeous. [pagebreak]

6. Prince George of Cambridge

Image: John Stillwell via Getty Images

He may match his father's sparse strands right now, but what will the little prince's future coif look like? Will he have his uncle Harry's fiery red locks, or William's once-lucious sandy blonde strands? Only time will tell, but we're willing to bet that no matter what, Prince George's hair will be one of the most iconic looks of all!

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