Watch: Regency Beauty Institute Celebrates Beauty Pros in New Campaign and Video

A career in beauty can be creative, flexible and rewarding. But despite the passion-driven business that beauty is, it’s often not viewed with the same respect as other creative careers. With the launch of a new brand campaign, Regency Beauty Institute is celebrating and inspiring cosmetologists to help raise the profession as a creative and inspiring career choice.
“One thing we know from educating thousands of women and men over the years is that the desire to make beauty is a powerful thing,” says Joe Gaylord, Regency’s president and CEO. “But young people are often discouraged from pursuing their dream of a career in cosmetology in favor of a more traditional career path.”
As one of the nation’s leading cosmetology schools, Regency has a long history of helping students embrace their creativity and pursue the career of their dreams. Regency launched its 2014 campaign this month, and the core element of the campaign is a video titled,“Beauty Grew All Around.” The video celebrates the person that everyone has known at one time or another — a friend, sister, nephew, niece or neighbor — who has a knack for beauty. The video follows one woman’s journey in making her city and the world a more beautiful place alongside people from other creative careers, like architects, chefs and sculptors.
“ʻBeauty Grew All Around’ aims to provide a rallying cry that excites everyone, from future students, current cosmetologists and anyone with a connection to the beauty industry, about this creative and inspiring career path,” Gaylord added.

Colle+McVoy is the brand’s creative partner on the video. The animation was created by Hornet, and Minneapolis musician Lucy Michelle, of the band Field Trip, recorded the video’s vocals and music.
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