Pretty for Prom by Cat Metzgier

Ashlee before 

Hairstylist Cat Metzgier created a beautiful, retro-style hair look for her niece's prom.

Says Metzgier, "This is a classic pinup style that I did for my niece Ashlee for her senior prom. She has her own style and wanted something different. I started by making a side part and then taking sections making barrel curls with an iron and pinning them. I let them sit and stay in like that to get more body out of them while I did her makeup.

  "I then removed the clips and broke up the curls with my hands and fluffed them a little. Next I back combed the top and front sides to give volume. Then each section was smoothed out and rolled back using my fingers and pinned in place. Finished with hairspray and a flower… Voila!"

The finished look!

[Images courtesy of Cat Metzgier via Facebook]

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