Score Luscious Lashes with SA Palette

Batters up! Thick, voluminous and long lashes are now possible naturally and safely. Introducing SA Palette, a new eyelash and eyebrow growth formula that is free of prostaglandin and parabens yet strong enough to produce exceptional clinical results. SA Palette contains natural botanical extracts, vitamins, peptides and amino acids to stimulate the follicle cells to achieve beautiful, healthy lashes.


al hair salons in the city.  

Manufactured in the USA, SA Palette contains peptides to improve length, thickness and volume of the lashes and brows while moisturizing agents enhance suppleness by locking in hydration, which leaves lashes and brows elastic and durable. Natural proteins and vitamins add strength and shine. Key natural ingredients include aloe vera, green tea, grapeseed and ginseng.


r of the eye to the outer corner. Apply after cleansing the face, and also make sure the product has fully dried before applying additional cosmetics. For brows, apply a single stroke directly onto the eyebrow in the morning and before bedtime. Each SA Palette container will last approximately two to three months. Once the desired appearance of lash growth is achieved, SA Palette can be used to to three times a week for maintenance.

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