Rihanna Wigs Out - Get the Color with PRAVANA

Rihanna decided to take the pastel plunge, following in the footsteps of other celebrities like Nicole Richie and Rumer Willis, at a recent Los Angeles Clippers game. Rihanna’s look may be temporary (a cropped wig for the evening), but you can copy her color on short or long hair with the recommended formula from Vadre Grigsby, Artistic Director at PRAVANA.

“This beautiful, cool version of a Bubble Gum Pink hits the mark for shade placement against darker or olive skin tones," says Grigsby. "The hint of a blue undertone gives balance to keep this pink from being too warm. Creating this perfect shade is easily done: 3oz VIIVDS Clear + 1/2oz VIVIDS Magenta. This combo keeps the coolness of Magenta but softens it to the perfect shade of pink for Rihanna’s skin tone.”

[Image: Noel Vasquez via Getty Images]

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