Interview: Giuliana and Bill Rancic, Hosts of NAHA 2014

Reality show stars, business professionals and beloved couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic will be hosting this year's North American Hairstyling Awards at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, NV. Below, read an exclusive interview with the couple where they discuss everything from their philanthropic ideology to parenting to, of course, beauty!

Giving back is so important to you both. It's also very dear to the hearts of many hairdressers. How has giving back to others touched your lives, in both expected and unexpected ways? Have your own challenges influenced the ways in which you give back?  Why is it important to give back to people whom you've never met?
One of the best aspects of our reality show is the platform it has given Bill and I to share our stories and help others. It is so unbelievably rewarding to have a stranger come up to us on the street and thank us for shedding light on infertility issues or to have a woman approach me and tell me she got her first mammogram because of me. That’s what this is all about for Bill and I – using our platform for good and not evil.
What does beauty mean to you? Why do you feel it is important for women - and men - to look good and feel good about themselves?
I know it sounds cliche, but outer beauty means nothing without inner beauty. Looking and feeling our best on the outside often helps us to feel good on the inside, which is why I am a big supporter of treating myself to a nice day at the salon or spa. In fact, going back to work after my double mastectomy was so significant to me because getting my hair and make up done and putting on a great outfit for E! News made me feel good. It lifted my spirits because I felt like myself again. I think looking good and feeling good go hand in hand.
What are some of your beauty secrets?  What hair and beauty products could you not live without?

I am never without my bronzer by Catalina Su. It is simply the best and a quick fix when I look tired and washed out. I also always wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30! Not only does is keep your skin looking smooth and youthful, but it is also essential for skin cancer prevention. And on that note, I also love Vita Liberata self tanner. It gives the perfect natural glow without the harmful UV rays from the sun!

How has having a child changed the way you view the world?

The moment Duke was born, everything changed for me. I live my life for Duke. Every decision I make is for him and the best interest of our family now. Duke has brought so much joy into our lives and I don’t even remember what life was like before he was born.
As working parents - like most hairdressers - how do you balance work and parenting?

I think Bill and I have definitely done a better job of leaving our work at work and focusing our attention on our family when we are home. Of course, I sometimes catch myself becoming distracted with emails and text messages from time to time at home, but I am more aware of it now. It’s important to shut off that iPhone and laptop once I walk in the door. Bill and I love spending quality time with Duke and in order to make the most of those precious moments, it’s essential to shut off our “work brains.” I’m sure all working parents can relate to this. It’s all about finding the perfect balance between work and family.

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