Sweis Professional Salon & Spa Products and DS Laboratories Present Hair Loss Education to Salon Professionals

Sweis Professional Salon & Spa Products and DS Laboratories recently offered a series of educational seminars to salon professionals throughout Southern California. DS Laboratories Brand Manager, Donna Diem gave a compelling presentation, covering why hair loss is such a prevalent issue among men and women while sharing how DS Laboratories provides technologically advanced solutions with products incorporating innovative topical biotechnology.

According to Diem, 85% of people - both men and women - experience hair loss at some point in their life either due to genetics, stress, hormones, medication, surgery or other condition. DS Laboratories, as a medical grade, cosmeceutical product, has proven to combat any type of hair loss issue and enable users to grow new hair without surgery or drugs.

The DS Laboratories products contain compounds known to inhibit dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the hormone most associated with hair loss, and other compounds which stimulate hair growth, deliver antioxidants and rebuild fibers. Due to an advanced delivery system and Nanosome encapsulation, key ingredients are able to penetrate the hair follicle and treat hair for an extended period of time (over 14 hours) after application.

  “DS Laboratories has become a highly sought after brand, mostly because it’s results-driven and incredibly effective in helping to grow new hair. The company even offers a 100% Effectiveness Guarantee,” said Karl Sweis, President of Sweis Inc. “Hair loss education is a valuable component because salon professionals are now better equipped to discuss hair loss with their clients and provide solutions.”

[Images courtesy of J. Jems Communications]

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