Brushes 101 with Ruth Roche

Most women have a ton of brushes, many times thrown in a bin and out of sight, because they don't really understand how to use them or what results they yield. Watch Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, describe the different kinds of brushes and their uses so that you can give your clients helpful tips they can use any time they're not in the chair.

Mini Denman: It's small with plastic bristles set far apart and is good for styling fringe and other pieces around the face.

Paddle: Usually large and square, this brush is great for blow-drying wet hair to a smooth finish by brushing in different directions (back/forth - X pattern).

Small Ceramic Round Brush: The ceramic barrel heats up from the heat of a blow dryer and helps set curl while reducing drying time. Good for creating curls on the ends, or for short hair.

Large Ceramic Round Brush: Drying fine, straight hair does not require much tension, but it does require heat to promote body, and the large ceramic barrel of this brush provides a lot of heat when used with a blow dryer.

Small Round Bristle Brush: Pulls curl out of thick or thin hair as bristles are closer together, providing more tension.

Large Oval Bristle Brush: Straightens thick or fine and curly or wavy hair. The oval shape is good for smoothing and creating volume.

Help clients do a spring-cleaning by advising them to ditch obsolete tools and proudly display magnificent brushes that actually get the job done!

[Image/video courtesy of Glow Communications]

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