This New Light Attaches to Any Polish or Makeup Brush

Whether you’re a nail technician, makeup artist, or do eyelash extensions, you’ll want to add this new tool to your box. Doing precision work on clients requires adequate lighting, and soften overhead lights create shadows and cast a yellow tint on everything. You’ll need to amp up your game.

The BeautyBeam is a tiny light with stretchable silicon strap meant specifically to attach to nail polish caps, nail art brushes, makeup brushes, mascara, lipstick, tweezers – you get the picture. It emits natural, white light that allows you to see in full, up close detail (for better or worse), and gets rid of all those shadows you have when using overhead lighting.

Learn more about the product on the website:
Or buy one of your own from Amazon here.

[Images: The BeautyBeam]

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