Best of the MET: Blake Lively's Glamorous, 1940s Waves

Hairstylist Rod Ortega created a stunning, modern day take on Joan Crawford Victory Rolls for actress Blake Lively at last night's MET Gala in New York City. The result was beautiful, face-framing waves that exuded timeless glamour.

Get the Look:
1. Beginning with wet hair, using the T3 Evolution LongLife Dryer and T3 Anti-Gravity 2.5-inch Barrel Brush, Rod dried the hair creating movement and texture while also giving the roots a lift.

2. Once dry, starting at the nape of the neck, he then began curling the hair with the T3 1.25-inch SinglePass Twirl Curling Iron and then finger-rolled each section into a pin curl. Once finished in the back, he then began working on each side. EXPERT TIP: Start from the nape of the neck working up to the top in order to avoid tangles.

3. Once the pin curls had set and cooled, Rod flipped the hair over and began to brush out the curls creating deep waves with the T3 Paddle Brush. When finished, he flipped the hair back upright and brushed the hair from the part down to the roots.

4. Once waves were brushed, he then sprayed the hair with a light hold hairspray keeping it light and moveable.

5. Next, on the side of the deep part, Rod took a small section from the front and rolled the hair around his finger working toward the back and finishing behind the ear, securing with bobby pins to create a “Joan Crawford-esque” Victory Roll on one side of the head.

6. To finish, he sprayed the entire style with light hold hairspray. EXPERT TIP: For a looser wave, use the T3 SinglePass Whirl Wand in place of the T3 1.25-inch Curling Iron.

[Image: George Pimentel via Getty Images]

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