14 Iconic Curly-Haired Celebrities

From old-fashioned ringlets, to frizzy perms, to cascading mermaid waves, curly hair has been a timeless staple of Hollywood red carpets ever since the days of silent films. And while most celebrities have tried out the look at some point or other, certain stars took curly hair and transformed it into their signature look.

Check out our list of the top 14 most iconic curly-haired celebrities of all time!

Shirley Temple
The spunky, beloved Shirley Temple was known for her charm and her short, curly ringlets.

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ly coifed beehive styles and big, natural hair with equal grace.

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has sported her share of wild hair looks, but none as fresh and beautiful as her natural curls.

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r career.

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tyle="font-size:16px;">10. Keri Russell
Her role as the title character in the TV series Felicity shot Keri Russell, and her signature long curly hair, to fame. In fact, her curls became so synonymous with the show, that some attribute its eventual drop in ratings to Russell's decision to cut her hair short just before the second season began.

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perstar is known for her Latin moves and wild, curly hair.

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Child to her full-blown, global superstar status, Beyonce Knowles has pulled off a multitude of stunning looks, but none so gorgeous as her long, cascading curls.

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