Hairstyles How To: A Modern Day Veronica Lake by Abraham Sprinkle for Keratin Complex

A day of pampering and a return to old Hollywood glam were on the docket at the Keratin Complex Spring/Summer 2014 Extravagant Beauty Blowout in New York last week, where the haircare brand unveiled two new stylers in its Style Therapy Collection, MoldMe Matte Texturizing Cream and Iconic Polish High Shine Pomade.“We’re using the products just like a designer or a makeup artist would,” shares Keratin Complex International Creative Team’s Abraham Sprinkle. “When you want something to recede, like a makeup artist you use matte because it’s going to absorb light, and when you want something to pop you would use something reflective like Iconic Polish to highlight.” Also new to the brand is its age-defying Timeless Color Fade-Defy Collection, which includes a shampoo, conditioner and deep-conditioning masque that all work to nourish hair and to lock in and prevent color from fading.

And while Sprinkle walked us through the steps to create his modern-day Veronica Lake look, nail art by celebrity manicurist and Dermelect Color Curator Elle, makeup touch-ups by Palladio Beauty, mini-facials by Goldfadden MD, and spray-tans by Karora Cosmetics were also on hand for any pampering whim.

When it comes to the hair Sprinkle crafted, “It’s all about knowing how to take the classics and put a spin on them to make them modern,” he shares.  “We’re going to start reversing back to a lot of old Hollywood but it won’t be so literal. [We’re going to see] a little bit more of our craft utilized behind the chair.”

Step 1: Prime the hair with Keratin Complex Kerabalm crossed with Keratin Complex Blondeshell Enhance High Shine Brightening Oil for a clean canvas.

Step 2: Divide the hair into large sections at the occipital bone (the knob of the head). Add Keratin Complex Vita Volume and blowdry section by section with a round brush to add body and bounce to the hair.

Step 3: Roll the hair at the crown of the head off the base toward the crown to direct the root of the hair, and roll back forward to produce a C-wave that connects with the face.

Step 4: Go through the hair with the 5-in-1 curling wand to support the wave that was just created with the brush.

Tip: Always use a blowdryer before styling to break up hair memory of how the part falls and to prepare the hair for a clean slate to work with.

Step 5: To create the modern Veronica Lake look in a simple way, curl small triangle sections of hair around the head, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise but don’t be too precise because lived-in curls keep the look more modern. The smaller points of the sections help support the C-shape of the curl. And the hair shouldn’t look like she’s going to a costume party, but like she went to a costume party the night before. Focus the curl on the mid-section of the hair to keep the ends looking more lived-in, which also keeps the hair looking modern.

Step 6: Break up the curls with fingers and brush through the hair once. The whole Veronica Lake look focuses on the one S-wave in the front, so use fingers to work the hair into that shape.

 Step 7: Polish hair with Keratin Complex Iconic Polish. In Veronica Lake’s time, they used real gold dust to make the hair shine under stage lights!

 Step 8: For the red carpet, set the front wave, but for everyday leave it as is.


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