Special Occasion Hair by Michael's Salon and Spa

Michael's Salon and Spa in Dayton, OH recently put together a collection featuring some of this year's trendiest special occasion hairstyles. The collection includes everything from undone long hairstyles with loose sexy waves to shorter elegant styles with fun 80's influence.

Click through to see more images from the Special Occasion collection!

[Credits - Designer: Brittany Havens Model: Valarie Koch] [pagebreak]

[Credits - Designer: Ashley O’Dell Model: Bree Mockabee] [pagebreak]

[Credits - Designer: Amanda Hansen Model: Jessica “Sasha” Warren] [pagebreak]

[Credits - Designer: Brittany Havens Model: Brett Hoefling] [pagebreak]

[Credits - Designer: Brittany Havens Model: Skylar Harmeyer] [pagebreak]

[Credits - Designer: LorAnn Thompson Model: Morgan Sandstrom]

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