Behind the Scenes at Toronto’s World Mastercard Fashion Week with Jorge Joao

Chief stylist Jorge Joao knew from a young age he had a knack for doing hair. He started cutting his friends' hair in his parents' garage, and now he does the models for Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week.

Joao used Sam Villa tools during Toronto World Mastercard Fashion Week to achieve the looks he desired. "Having Sam Villa tools back stage at Toronto Fashion Week was a huge help. The tools are designed to give us the exact results we are looking for," says Joao. "My Sam Villa Sleeker was my go to tool, whether it be straight hair, wavy hair or even curls. I got the results I needed!"

Joao has worked fashion weeks in Paris, Milan and New York and was the chief hairstylist at Toronto’s World Mastercard Fashion Week, leading a team of 35 Redken hair experts to sculpt hair for every model in the 32 shows, along with Assistant Lead Stylist Cindy Duplantis and Redken Artist Kevin Lewis.

“Some of these big top teams, the guys I look up to, they do eight shows a week. We do eight a day,” Joao said. “You can imagine the craziness when you have one chair, one model, three people on hair, two on makeup, two on nails, and you have to be done in seven minutes. It’s insane.”

Joao's fall hair trend forecast? Expect to see a lot of casual, classic looks with touches of masculinity, along with natural disheveled hair or a relaxed androgynous feel.

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[Images courtesy of Glow Communications]

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