How To Create Bolder Brows

Natural blondes may appear to have won the genetic lottery with their gorgeous sun-kissed locks, but they tend to face a unique problem when it comes eyebrows.: light-colored brows can appear to disappear, not for lack of hair, but simply because the shade is so subtle.

“Tinting is the easiest way to make brows look thicker and longer, because it adds richness, tone and depth to brow hairs, as well as slightly tints the skin underneath, magically filling in sparse areas. And, those teeny-weeny little baby hairs that go unnoticed all of a sudden ban together and look bold,” says Boom Boom, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar.

Help your client achieve the perfect bold brows with these tips:

  • Make sure to get the right color - if your client's hair and skin has natural warm tones, stick with a warm brow tone and vice versa for those with cool tones.
  • Don't go too dark - unless your client wants very dramatic brows, extremely dark tones can look a little harsh, and sometimes make people look older.
  • Always use a vegetable based dye around the eye area.
  • Never lift brow color - use deposit only color.
  • Go a little bolder (keyword: little!) to define brows and match the color to skin and hair undertones.
  • Always use SPF on brows for protection.
  • Use a brow powder on a daily basis for added definition and boldness - try Boom Boom Brow Boostiers brow powders.

See the video below for a brief tutorial on tinting brows:

[Image/video courtesy of Glow Communications]

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