Hair Trends: Four Celebrity Faux Bobs

The faux bob, a favorite hairstyle of celebrities and trendsetters alike, is one of spring's hottest hair trends, and the perfect way for a client to change up her look without committing to a shorter style. Celebrity hairstylist Frank Barbosa who has worked on movies with stars like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Garner, and Sarah Jessica Parker shares his tips for creating the latest spin on the look: "tucking" the faux bob:

imageupload:12756:]]To achieve this style, hair must have some length (think at least hitting your shoulders). It isn’t necessary to have ultra-long hair, just enough length to roll under or over. To start, use a great working hair spray like IT&LY Pure Definition. It allows you to create a smooth finish or enhance texture while imparting shine and a natural hold. To begin, have the foundation ready to go. This means having elements like your client's part, texture choice or fringe already in place. Then, loosely gather the bottom portion of the ends and tuck under into a roll securing with bobby pins. This is where you and your client can decide how short or long she would like to go. Remember, for straight hair, opt for a paddle brush to mold a smoother, sleeker tuck. Trying this out with a wave? Use your fingers to arrange curls in place (brushing will only disturb the texture).

via Getty Images]

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