SUDDZfx Academy to Open in Santa Monica, California

Never stop learning!

One of the best pieces of advice you might come across in the industry is the one above—the encouragement to continue growing, evolving and of course learning. Enter the SUDDZfx Academy, opening this year in sunny Santa Monica, California.

What you will find at the SUDZZfx Academy at More Than A Slash Salon are the skills and guidance to break the rules and create hair that is inspired—not replicated. No more following in the footsteps of others. It's time for you to make your own path, shape your own career... not hope something good comes your way! Shears in hand, it's time to be a Master of Design Artistry—with hair as the ultimate canvas.

Check out the teaser video below to get an idea of what's in store:


Every hairdresser has the potential to become a true designer. A great designer sees hair with the eye of an architect and has fully grasped the advanced fundamentals of cutting, head-shape and growth patterns. Mastering these unlocks the ability to create any design.

Your quest begins in an immersive, challenging, hands-on learning experience where decades of fluff are stripped away and the truth is taught. Absorb the essentials necessary for you to freely achieve and express your vision. Gain the ability to visualize and realize the perfect design for any client based on any inspiration.


What makes SUDDZfx Academy different?

REAL models, REAL people…the more REAL learning experience you’ve ever had. Never, ever mannequin heads.

No two experiences here will ever be the same. Every time you’ll learn something new…not just new skills…something new about yourself.



FEE: $700

DURATION: 2 days



A return to the classic art of hairdressing in an intensive 2-day workshop that is your haven to explore, realize, embrace and reignite the creativity within yourself… all with SUDZZfx to prepare and complete your canvas!


You will learn:

·       The key to winning clients for a lifetime: the experience

·       How the way your hold your body and scissors is holding you back and what you can do about it

·       The secrets to reformatting any hair cut to match the shape, contours and personality of the client

·       Learn the proven methods to maximize your creativity and approach every client with greater confidence and effortless expression

·       To tap into your inner coach to motivate and inspire your Designful Artist every day



FEE: $700

DURATION: 2 days

PREREQUISITES: None (The Method is recommended)

DATES: None at this time


Expand your inner artist in a collaborative environment and discover what happens when beautiful hair meets an extraordinary idea. The latest advancements in cosmetic chemistry, science and tools are explored and utilized while you create your greatest work.


You will discover:

·       The latest innovations in cutting and design

·       The skills used by legendary hairdressers to carve and sculpt stunning hair

·       How to see the “big picture” and craft the most attractive, complementary cut to suit your    canvas: the client

·       A wealth of new skills & knowledge to give you freedom, confidence and artistic vision


BECOME the artist you’ve always wanted to be, find your artistic voice and unlock your potential.




FEE: $1400

DURATION: 3 days


DATES: None at this time


Gloves off, it’s time for you to no longer follow and replicate the works of others…it’s time for you to create your own. Your Trend. This class includes models and a professional makeup artist and photographer for you to create Your Masterpiece.


You will master:

·       The methods used by industry icons to create and shape trend…and how to create your own!

·       The confidence to trust your artistic instincts, push your skills and enjoy “playing” with hair again

·       The eye it takes many a lifetime to master: creation of the perfect pictorial image

·       The skills to lead and develop an artistic team to create true masterpieces


BECOME a true Master of Design Artistry. Develop, create and walk out the door with an editorial ready portfolio.


The SUDZZfx Academy at More Than A Slash Salon is located in the heart of Santa Monica, California, a famed beachfront resort city in western Los Angeles County. After working hard, you can play spending time on Santa Monica Pier, hitting the beach or even planning a night out on the Third Street Promenade!


Need help getting there? Visit for travel resources!




Carla Ross - SUDZZfx Creative Director, Academy Director

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