Taking Advantage of Blonde with Patrick McIvor

Years ago, there where only two ways to create a blonde – bleach or bleach and tone. But now there are many more options to create this desirable shade, from perfect platinum to sweetly sun-kissed. Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California gives his time-saving tips, showing how much fun going blonde can be!

The No Lift, No Developer Permanent Way:
New technology brings new options, so permanent wearability without oxidation can be achieved. Stylists can glaze between foils, creating unique experiences using only the exact amount of color needed, because there is no mixing and no need to transfer the color to a different bottle or bowl when choosing a perfect shade. Stylists can add color, control tone, create shine and choose to be bold and beautiful, all with Goldwell Elumen Hair Color.

The Express Way:
Having the option with a demi-permanent color to process up to 20 minutes to glaze or tone hair is great. Having the option in 5 minutes is even better. In the past, stylists had to either shorten the processing time or try a different product. With Goldwell Colorance, it’s possible to have both options - you can create endless variations of blonde depending on application, outcome and time.

The Old Way:
This was actually a way to create pastel blondes. In the past, colorists did what many called “breaking the base.” This was not intended to create that type of end result. This technique, “pastel toning,” was meant for an all-over, very hi-lift or, more likely, a double process blonde who wanted that hot, edgy, pinky-violet or smokey undertone that is so hot now. From Miley to Pink, Michele Williams, Carey Mulligan and Shakira, it’s their interesting tone that makes them stand out as great blondes.

For pastel toning try - 20mls H2O + 20mls 6% +20mls of a h/l V or P tone blonde, like Goldwell Topchic, over pale yellow previously lightened hair for a great pastel blonde.

A Better Way:
Today, instead of breaking, recharge! No more “breaking the base;” recharge blondes with a Blonde Recharge service and in 5 minutes have the lift break the base and control/enhance the tone while adding shine down the strand. With New Blonde and Express Blonding with Colorance, the most addicted 5-week blondes can get an inside fix at week 4 of a 5-minute New Blonde Highlighting Recharge service. What more could any blonde want?

Check out the video below for more blonde tips from Patrick McIvor!

[Image: Thinkstock; Video: Courtesy of Glow Communications]

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