Hair Trends: Time to Shine

Spring is just around the corner (finally!) and the sun won't be the only thing shining this season. Hair trends are leaning toward high-gloss hair color and beautiful, shiny styles. Whether it be a low ponytail, slicked back roots, or beachy waves, the glossier, the better! Tiffany Conway, owner of CoCo Cheveux Salon, gives her tips on how to get the polish.

  • Offer an in-salon gloss treatment like Goldwell Elumen Hair Color – it’s a durable damage-free service that adds gloss and keeps hair beautiful and shiny for weeks. It’s available in 28 shades, plus clear, so there is the option to just add a gloss or change the color/add tone.
  • Use a small amount of Goldwell Elixir versatile oil treatment on the part line to give hair a top of the head shine line that reflects light and smoothes the finish. This is also great for reducing fly-aways for photos.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of a brush that has natural bristles - it can refine hair by distributing natural oils and closing the cuticle for a more reflective finish. Once hair is smooth, mist lightly with an aerosol shine spray like Goldwell Diamond Gloss shine spray.

Adds Patrick McIvor, Artistic & TechniCulture Director for Goldwell and KMS California, “Teaching guests easy ways to increase their shine is a really easy thing to do at each appointment to add value to a service and it will make your work look so much better!”

[Image credit: Greg Swales, Tiffany C Hair]

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