Andis Redesigns Packaging to Improve Customer Experience

Andis is starting the new year strong with new packaging for its complete line of professional clippers, trimmers and accessories. The redesign features a fresh, upscale look with a focus on ease of selection.  The updated packaging will begin hitting shelves later this month.

says Karen Formico, Vice President of Marketing for Andis. “To do that, we went right to the source—we asked the professionals, as well as the store associates, to help us design a package that provided the information they needed to see. The result is a packaging system that not only looks attractive on the shelf, but guides the shopper to the right product for their needs.”

At a Glance– Four color-coded categories now make Andis products easier to find: black denotes detachable blade clippers and blue indicates adjustable blade clippers; while for trimmers, purple signifies corded tools and burgundy cordless. Each package also includes a chart that graphically highlights the most common features, such as motor and hair type, to allow for quick comparison of products. Iconic Andis products, such as the Master® clipper and T-Outliner® trimmer, are identified with gold accents and labeled appropriately as part of “The Classic Collection.” 

In addition, Formico explains that intended product use is also important to end users. “One of the most asked for features included an area that tells what the tool is best used for – so we place that front and center.” 


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