2014 Oscars Beauty: Margot Robbie's "Jessica Rabbit" Look

With the award season fresh on everyone’s minds, the looks will be a big influence on wedding/prom styles for spring.  There’s nothing more classic than old Hollywood Jessica Rabbit, va va voom curls like Margot Robbie had at the Oscars.

>·       Apply Pureology Root Lift spray hair mousse to the roots (and a little throughout the ends) and blow dry with a round brush to create volume.
·       Create a deep side part with a tail comb and use diagonal sections from the part line to set everything back with a 3Ž4 inch curling iron to create a tight wave – wrap hair around iron and turn to catch the ends to prevent a line.  Once heated, remove the iron and secure with a clip.
·       Continue the set in a brick diagonal back pattern until entire head is set.
·       Set it off base on the side with less hair because it will be flatter on top.
·       Take pins out and lace entire head to create a foundation – work from bottom to top.
·       Lace each section minding the direction that it will be brushed.
·       Smooth the entire head with the side of a Mason Pierson Brush.
·       Place a paper on the side with less hair and clip to hold it back and straight without creating a line.
·       Once the hair is in place, use hands to shape into sculpted waves.
·       In the front, brush through the ends and around hand to create a bit of a roll.
·       Take clip out and finish with Pureology Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray.
“These are classic Hollywood red carpet waves, the important thing is that they will not fall due to the technique, which also makes them a great style for client weddings and proms,” says Roche.


[Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage]

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