From the Runway to the Streets: The Do's and Don't's of Fashion Week Brows

New York Fashion Week runways see an endless array of unique, creative and artistic fashion and beauty looks, some of which are easily wearable while others are quite extreme. One of the most talked-about beauty aspects of Fashion Week are the varying styles of brows seen on the catwalks. Celebrity eyebrow expert and founder of The BrowGal product line Tonya Crooks, whose client list includes Megan Fox, Fergie and Leann Rimes, gives her take on what does and doesn't work for everyday looks.

lor or even slightly darker for platinum blondes. The tone should always stay the same, however, and veering from that is what makes brows appear unnatural. If your client has a warmer tone (with undertones of gold or red), stick within those tones for brows. Conversely, if she is a neutral tone (without any noticeable red or gold tones) make sure her brows do not contain warmer tones.

hair, paying attention to the edges on both top and bottom and giving them extra definition. Brush through again with the spoolie end and set with a gel like the Eyebrow Gel from The BrowGal.

the whole face, out of balance, and simply not as natural or as pretty as could be.
What Would Work Instead: Stay with the natural brow shape, whether it is an arc, arch, or straight brow. If you try to changed a straight brow into an arch or embellish the arch too much, the overall look will seem unnatural and the brows forced.

ndone to create a more natural, less dramatic look. Brush through again with the spoolie brush to blend the color and set with The BrowGal Eyebrow Gel.

[Images courtesy of Lindsey Smolan PR]

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