Get the Look: Short and Sweet by Tiffany Pateritsas

Stylist Tiffany Pateritsas gives the how-to for achieving this short and sweet blonde look!

Hair Color:
Natural Level: Level 7
Current Level: Natural regrowth with highlighted ends
Regrowth: Blondor+ 20 vol
Midshaft -> ends: Blondor+ 1.9%
Toner: color touch (1)10/81+ (1/2)8/81+ (1)9/16+ 1.9%
Toner in foils: 9/16+1.9%

Assymetric bob - scissor over comb to low occipital, visual cutting for length on sides, round layering in back and triangular layering in front.

[Image courtesy of Tiffany Pateritsas]

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