NYFW Hair: Dramatic Looks by Renya Xydis for evo at Sass & Bide

Teaming up with Sass & Bide for their Fall/Winter 2014 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, evo and Renya Xydis were all about creating dramatic, contrasting hair. “My girls Heidi and Sarah-Jane delivered a spirited collection that inspired an asymmetrical hair style,” Xydis says from New York. “It’s a mix of short with long and sleek shine against matte softness.”

The Novateur collection saw a combination of cocoon shapes, long lines, sharp modern volumes to create structure, embroidery, graphic checks and stripes.

Get the Look:
1. Wet hair through roots and mid-lengths with evo Salty Dog and dry until bone dry. Dry hair up for extra volume.

2. Set the mid-lengths and ends with the Cloud Nine Standard Wand for a disheveled wave.

3. Using a wide tooth comb, brush hair from the left to the right to create a comb over.

4. Apply evo Shape Vixen to hands and rake through roots to mid-lengths, keeping the comb over shape in place. Spray with Helmet Finishing Spray and set with a diffuser.

5. Just behind the left ear, start twisting hair down to the nape, creating a cornrow. Fasten clip over cornrow to secure shape.

6. Apply Love Touch to mid-lengths and ends and brush in with a wide tooth comb to finish the look.

  [Images courtesy of The Moxie Agency]

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