Create the Milkmaid Braids from the Whit by Whitney Pozgay Presentation

Matt Fugate for CHI recently created a youthful, braided crown for the Whit by Whitney Pozgay presentation held at Inglot Studios. To give the up-style a more ethereal look, Matt pulled pieces out in the front to loosen up the strands framing the face resulting in a wispy halo with feminine flyways. Says Matt, "We wanted an up-style that was very etherial and Grecian without letting it be too cutesy or polished. To make sure the braid doesn't get too bulky we kept it as flat to head as possible coming up from the back then pulled random pieces out from the front to get the wispy, free-spirited look... We kept it incredibly modern by pulling pieces out and roughing it up a bit."
Get The Look

1. To prep hair, spray with CHI Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray to build a lightweight loose texture.  
2. Distinguish the part.
3. Separate a slight section at the hairline and apply CHI Pliable Polish to control and refine. This section is a smooth section around the face that will wrap around the ears at the end.
4. Divide the rest of the hair into two sections down the back of the head - the messier the better! Use your fingers to part, instead of a comb, to maintain the roughed up texture.
5. Start braiding the hair, directing the braid up the back of the neck, making sure not to make the shape too wide at the bottom. You don't want the braids to look too pretty or precise; gathering random hair tresses and weaving them together is the goal.
6. Once the braid has been completed at the top of the head, clip in place so you can recreate on the other side.
7. With each side braided, wrap them around the crown and over the ears and secure at the nape of the neck.
8. To finish with the first hairline section (originally left out), drape these both back and pin at nape to frame the style and give it a more youthful look. 

9. Distress the look and secure the style by rubbing CHI Matte Wax over the whole style with palms to maintain the carefree, fly-away texture.
[Images courtesy of Farouk]

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