The Jazz Age Inspires Nicholas French's Collection, Deco Decadence

Inspired by the sights, sounds and styles of the 1920s, Nicholas French puts a fresh twist on the Jazz Age in Deco Decadence.

could dampen the spirits—or styles—of those on set. Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, French and his team set up shop in his beautiful Hamptons home to create this modern-day twist on art deco style. “I really love that era,” French says. “But I also really loved bringing the hairstyles up to date. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Re-creating and reimagining beauty for the past and making it for tomorrow.” All of the clothing used in the collection is actually from the 1920s. However, the crimping on several of the party guests is right out of today.

the look very soft and cool-looking.”

Hair History, as told by Nicholas French

. But not everyone wanted to shear off their hair, so that’s why the bobby pin was invented: to allow women to roll their hair into a bob without actually cutting it off. Later, the flappers took that bobbed look and ran with it.”

Photography: Joseph Cartwright; Hair: Nicholas French, Daniel Roldan; Assistant: Lasha Keller; Wardrobe: Colleen McCann; Makeup: Laura Dee Shelley at Exclusive Artists using Colorscience; Extensions: SHE By So.Cap. USA; Products: Matrix COLORINSIDER, Light Master, Color Sync and SOCOLOR

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