2014 Golden Globes Beauty: Julie Bowen's Modern Take on Vintage Style

Actress Julie Bowen opted for a romantic hairstyle for last night's 2014 Golden Globe Awards. The look, while reminiscent of classic vintage hairstyles, was both chic and modern, giving the "Modern Family" star an elegant appearance.

Get the Look:
1. Celebrity stylist Jill Crosby began by applying a dry mousse to Bowen's hair and then blow-drying using the T3 Evolution LongLife dryer with T3 Diffuser. As she dried, Crosby used her hands to scrunch the hair throughout creating volume and texture.

2. Once dry, Crosby parted the hair in the middle and placed pin curls on the front edge of her hairline. She allowed them time to cool and set.

3. Next, she used the T3 SinglePass Whirl Styling Wand to create texture by using both the tapered and wide ends of the wand to obtain small and large curls throughout her hair.

4. Crosby then used tacky and dry pomade, emulsifying in her hands. She began grabbing and scrunching the hair creating a “padding for the up-do.”

5. Starting at the nape of the neck she began rolling hair into a loose “sausage-like” shape while loosely pinning.

6. Crosby continued with this process, working around one side, then moving to the other.

7. She then dropped the front pin-curls and rubbed her hands together on the hair to loosen and roughen them up. She broke the curls piece-by-piece with her hands, integrating into the roll.

[Image: Getty Images]

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