Hairstyles How To: Vitamin B5 Blowout by Peter Coppola

Cut drying time by 50% while power boosting youth back into hair with Peter Coppola Keratin Concept’s Vitamin B5 Blowout!

amin B5 Blowout. With products containing the ingredient of Pro Vitamin B5, this powerful beauty vitamin is celebrated for its moisturizing, detangling and thickening features, while its ability to reflect light will make tresses shinier and glossier.

What is the best part about The Vitamin B5 Blowout? It cuts drying time by 50%!

How to Create the Vitamin B5 Blowout:

Peter Coppola Keratin Concept’s line of high quality hair care provides a complete set of products needed to accomplish The Vitamin B5 Blowout with ease. Simply begin by shampooing and conditioning with Peter Coppola’s Total Repair Sulfate-Free Smoothing Shampoo and Total Repair Conditioner, experiencing a luxurious cleansing with the benefits of keratin amino acids, ceramides and pro vitamin B5. This amazing duo of cleansing and conditioning products protect the hair against environmental stress such as UV rays and pollutants while imparting an iridescent shine.

Next, spray your gently towel dried hair with Just Blow – Blow-Out Spray to achieve a longer lasting blowout while infusing your tresses with additional keratin, ceramides, vitamins and sunflower oil. This heat activated leave-in spray reduces your drying time by 50% while boosting a more youthful appearance. After spraying Just Blow – Blow Out Spray, section your hair into four parts; crown, sides and nape for total control while blow drying. Begin at the nape area and remove most of the moisture until hair is slightly damp. This eliminates unnecessary pulling and tugging on the hair when it is most vulnerable. Then, taking small sections and the Peter Coppola Ceramic Round Brush, lift the hair at the base for added volume and slide down the section until the ends are sleek. Always use the nozzle attachment of your blow dryer for concentrated air flow directly where you want it to be; not blowing the hair everywhere to cause tangles. To finish, gently cup the ends under or flip up to achieve your desired finish. Repeat until all the sections are dried. For the final touch, take a small amount of Peter Coppola’s super lightweight, no build-up formula Argan Oil Polish in the palms of your hands as the perfect finishing tool. Slightly warm the Argan Oil Polish in your palms, coat hands and gently glide through your younger looking strands for a brilliant shiny finish

The Result: Younger, healthier, frizz-free and Vitamin B5 infused hair that radiates with shine

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