Portfolio: The Colours Collection by Sándor Szél

Hair stylist Sándor Szél, also known as Sasa, was inspired by the rich, luxurious hues of oil paintings when creating his recent Colours Collection.

Says Szél, "I have always been interested in arts. When I was a high school student I used to attend a drawing workgroup. Later on, I painted pictures using oil colors, and tested a few interesting techniques. The basic idea behind my 'Colours' collection is an old idea of mine… why would it [be] impossible to stain the hair just like a painting?"

Szél took this idea and, using hair as his canvas, applied 13 different colors in a pattern reminiscent of an oil painting. The overall effect is a harmoniously beautiful work of art.

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Hair: Sándor Szél (Sasa Art, Figaro Team)
Model: Kitty Krizsán
MUA: Anita Pankotai
Photo: Gábor F. Nagy

See more of Szél's work at www.sasaart.eu

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