Hairstyle Collection: These Girls are on Fire

In November of 2012 Ann Bray, a designer on the set of Catching Fire, hosted a workshop at Michael's Salon & Spa teaching the stylists how to stretch their imaginations and create works of art for hair photography. With the Catching Fire premier in November, the Michael's photography team decided to base their most recent photo shoot around the Hunger Games and their inspiration from Ann Bray.


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Designer Ashley O'Dell created her vision of the prim and proper Capitol character Effie on her model Hailey Walters. Ashley recreated her vision of the outrageous hair color, volume and makeup scheme seen in the Hunger Games movie and Catching Fire previews.

[pagebreak]Designer Sasha Warren also transformed her model Jessica Lincoln into her interpretation of a Capitol character. Sasha used a different approach when developing her vision of a Capitol character by creating outrageous hair and utilizing metallic makeup we see in the Hunger Games movie in the Capitol community.

[pagebreak]Designer LorAnn Thompson went a different direction and created the strong and beautiful female and male district victors using models Morgan Sandstorm and Michael Adkins. She did this as though she was a Capitol designer in the movie making over the two district tributes and transforming them into beautiful works of art. [pagebreak]

Finally, designer Reese Melvin created the powerful symbolic image of the mocking jay with her model Sarah Livingston. Reese wanted to portray the strong and rebellious side of Catching Fire and did this all too well with her dark colors and hand made mocking jay hairpiece. All four designers hit every aspect of the characters in the Hunger Games Trilogy. From the whimsical and perfect Capitol community to the strong and powerful tributes, each designer uniquely created beautiful hair and makeup with the Catching Fire Theme. These girls are on fire and they aren't stopping here!

[Images courtesy of Michael Schuh]

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