Iredale Mineral Cosmetics Announces New, Innovative Virtual Makeup App

Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd. recently announced the launch of its new, innovative iPad app, "jane iredale Virtual Makeover." The app, available for free on iTunes, allows both professionals and to create realistic makeup applications with unprecedented functionality, all while using the comprehensive line of mineral makeup from jane iredale, THE SKIN CARE MAKEUP®. "jane iredale Virtual Makeover" is one of the first apps with the capability to smudge makeup, adjust brush size and blend and layer different products and shades, allowing users to achieve realistic, customized makeup looks.

Designed in partnership with Modiface and available exclusively for iPad tablets, the app is an extension of jane iredale’s successful Virtual Makeover Room for desktop computers. In the app, users are first prompted to choose a photo, which they can take using the iPad camera or upload from Facebook, their iPad photo album or provided model images. Users can then tap a facial feature on the photo to bring up a color wheel showing all available makeup shades and categories for that feature.
Users apply color with their fingers as a "brush," and can increase or decrease brush size as they create different looks. Commands to undo, redo, clear, start over with a new photo, adjust facial recognition and compare before and after photos are available throughout the process.

A new “makeup tools” bar is the feature that allows users to blend makeup with a Flocked Sponge, smudge and smoke out detailed areas with a Smudge Brush and even remove little makeup mishaps with the jane iredale Magic Mitt™. These innovative features are unique to the tactile nature of the iPad.
Selecting “finalize” shows users their before and after images side by side, as well as a list of products used and the option to purchase individual products or the complete look from the online shop, or in nearby stores. Users’ looks and product recommendations can be saved, emailed or shared via Twitter and Facebook directly from the app.
The app delivers unique benefits to both beauty professionals and consumers:

·Estheticians and makeup artists can cater to clients seeking new looks for headshots, profile pictures, weddings or other occasions by trying on several different looks without physically applying and scrubbing off multiple makeup applications. Options can be narrowed down and then physically applied, saving time and increasing client satisfaction.

·Users can try on multiple shades of long-wearing products, such as jane iredale Lip Fixation, a lip stain that could not be as easily removed in reality.

·Consumers can easily play with new makeup looks at home, which they can then bring in to a makeup professional in order to recreate the look.

·Online shoppers can benefit from a try-on experience and select their ideal shades of makeup without visiting a brick-and-mortar location.

“We’ve designed this app to be a true game-changer for makeup artists,” said Angelica Chayes, Manager of Consumer and Digital Brand Advocacy for Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, Ltd., who spearheaded development of the app in partnership with Modiface. “For the first time, both the artist and client can design and discuss their ideal look, even multiple looks, before a physical application. This completely enhances the consultation. It ensures the client loves her look down to the very last detail, even before the first brush stroke is applied.”

The jane iredale Virtual Makeover app is available for free via iTunes. For more information or to experience the desktop version, visit

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