Beauty Gurus Change the Industry—BH Cosmetics' Amazing Success Story

Booming makeup brand BH Cosmetics, creator of high-quality makeup palettes and brushes, has recently announced its inclusion in Inc. 500's Fastest Growing Private Company list.

nked at 446 on the list.

"We are excited to receive this honor recognizing our continued rapid growth," said Fred Sadovskiy, BH Cosmetics co-founder and CEO. "We give much of the credit to our products’ high visibility via social media, where beauty influencers have been demonstrating their high quality, affordability and ease of use directly to our target market."

BH Cosmetics burst onto the market four years ago with a stand-out 120-shade palette of eye shadows. Because of the products’ lower price points, the products especially appeal to the 13- to 25-year-old demographic.

In this market particularly, BH Cosmetics has received promotional help from YouTube influencers, whose followers in this age group total in the multi-millions. These beauty gurus offer online reviews, tutorials and giveaways, as well as lead customers to directly make purchases.

We checked in with BH Cosmetics founders Sadovskiy, Kirill Trachtenberg and Robert Sefaradi to learn more about how the company has utilized YouTube beauty influencers for amazing results.

LP: How has collaborating with YouTube beauty influencers affected the success of BH Cosmetics?
BH: Collaborating with YouTube Beauty Influencers has helped create a lot of awareness about our brand online.  These Influential Beauty Gurus have shared their honest opinion on BH Cosmetics Products in their product review videos and also, show their viewers how to use our products by creating on-trend makeup looks which has helped with the success of our brand.  

LP: How can salons or stylists look to YouTube for inspiration or business strategies?
BH: YouTube has a wide range of videos, from celebrity-inspired makeup tutorials to what looks are currently trending from season to season from fashion week. YouTube can give you up to the minute tutorials and trends all in one place.  

LP: What is it about YouTube, or social media in general, that is changing the beauty industry?
BH: Consumers that are finding that they are able to get product recommendations online from the comfort of their own home instead of heading to their local beauty counter.  Many consumers follow Influencers not only on YouTube but also across all social networks so they can stay up to date with the latest products.

LP: How can beauty gurus influence consumers?
BH: Beauty gurus can influence consumers in many ways from telling their viewers what products they love in their monthly favorites videos and what products they would never use again.  They can also demonstrate how to use products in their tutorials as well as showing them some of their own tips and tricks.    

LP: What's next for BH Cosmetics?
BH: We have many new products in the works that we can’t wait to release—we know our fans are going to love them.


We got the scoop on BH's recent launches—read on to learn more!



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