Hairstyles How To: Stunning Fall Brunette from arteasecolors

Fall is a time to bring things back to basics. School has started, leaves are changing colors, and the air is getting crisper. Gals who want to look their best without a full on makeover, need just a little "umph" to jumpstart their color. This easy formula, adds depth and diffusion to your mid-level clients.

colors 7/11 (Blonde Ash Intense) + 1 part arteasecolors 7/73 (Blonde Brown Gold) with 7volume artease activator (mixing ratio 1 part colors, 2 parts activator).
- Apply all over. Process for 10 minutes.
- Rinse - no shampoo necessary, as arteasecolors has a cleansing agent built right into the tube. neat! - blow dry and style.
- For at home maintenance, send your client home with a Blonde artease color refreshing conditioner, available in 200ml or 500ml. Use every third shampoo.




This color and cut come from arteasecolors guest artist Mike Braun, in Austria.

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