Hairstyles How To: "Beach Hair" by Kevin Murphy

One of the looks created for THE.SHOW, a grand finale hair runway show that concluded the two-day, jam-packed WHITE.BOX event put on by KEVIN.MURPHY, was a flowing, textured style created by Kevin Murphy. The look, appropriately dubbed "Beach Hair," emphasized loose waves, beachy texture and an overall casual, undone feel.

Get the look:

1. Prime the hair using STAYING.ALIVE into damp hair to equalize porosity.

2. Prep the hair by drying in HAIR.RESORT.SPRAY. Using a large curling iron, curl the hair in vertical sections beginning at the roots and working down the hair shaft. This will give a looser effect on the ends and a strong shape at the base.

3. Once set, begin at the nape and apply SUPER.GOO to the mid lengths and ends of the hair. Use the palms of hands in a wiping motion to create a wall of texture. The hair was then finished on stage with the use of a human hair TEXTURE.NET and SESSION.SPRAY.

[Image courtesy of Harris Shepard Public Relations, Inc.]

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