Event Recap: Kevin Murphy's WHITE.BOX

Recently, more than 400 people from all over North America made their way to Dallas, Texas for Kevin Murphy's WHITE.BOX, a vast, two-day event that included seminars, classes, photo shoots, and a grand finale show that featured the latest hairstyling and makeup trends.

The HANDS.ON & BRAND.ME seminar informed attendees about marketing, product choices, shoot briefs, and organizing shows and photo shoots. Meanwhile, over 150 attendees participated in the two HANDS.ON classes, led by David Glover and Marianne Jensen, who showcased their own work from around the globe. Participants re-created these looks on mannequins with hands-on help from the artists. Participants also attended a special BRAND.ME seminar led by Kevin Murphy himself, which exhibited first-hand the processes and foundations of KEVIN.MURPHY, as well as the creative process and evolution of the brand.

The photo shoot portion of the event, SHOOT.ME, involved a demonstration by Murphy in which he transformed models on stage while photographer Luis J. Murphy shot the looks for the latest collection live in front of 300 people. Attendees were able to experience every detail of the shoot, from makeup and styling, to lighting and re-touching.

100 attendees of the show portion were also given special treatment prior to the show that included an opportunity to be a "FLY.ON.THE.WALL," where they were allowed backstage to observe the team's preparations and final touches. THE.SHOW itself was the grand finale of the whole event, showcasing the 2013 collection for the audience and bringing the backstage to the stage to allow the audience a chance to be a part of the final product. Four distinct looks were created for THE.SHOW: "Punk Couture," "Curly Girl," "Honey," and "Beach Hair."

Get the look: "Punk Couture"

1. PRIME the hair with STAYING.ALIVE by combing it through roots to ends.

2. PREP the hair with ANTI.GRAVITY.SPRAY and blow-dry the hair back towards the middle of the head.

3. Starting at the nape, braid the hair towards the front and sew into place.

4. Curl the ends of the hair in the front with a 1/4” curling iron.

5. Once the curls have cooled, comb them into a wave and FINISH with SESSION.SPRAY.

6. Continue to FINISH the style by painting on SUPER.GOO around the hairline up to the braid. FINISH with SHIMMER.BUG on the braid and spray complete style with SHIMMER.SHINE.

[All images courtesy of Harris Shepard Public Relations, Inc.]

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