Halloween Makeup How To: "Sugar Skull" by INGLOT Cosmetics

For a last-minute Halloween costume or an upcoming Dia De Los Muertros celebration, INGLOT's Sugar Skull is a gorgeous, easy-to-do look. It's also customizable to your client's wants, needs, and color schemes!

er # 37 mixed with Duraline.

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1. On a palette, mix Cream Concealer 37 with 2-3 drops of Duraline and apply to entire face (and/or neck area).

2. Set with Mattifying Powder 31 to prevent creasing.

3. Mix Body Pigment 126 with Duraline, and create a solid heart on the center of the forehead, and an inverted solid heart on the center of the chin with brush 23T.

4. Mix assorted pigment colors with Duraline for circle decor and swirls on the face. Be sure to keep symmetry when adding these smaller details.

5. Using AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 on a 23T brush, outline the hearts and circles.

ment 70 with Duraline, create small semi-circular linked patterns around the eye, looping around the black center circle you've created before.

9. Using AMC Eyeliner Gel 77 and a 23T brush, outline the eye decor.

10. For the lips, use AMC Matte Lip Pencil 20 to fill in the lips. Finish the look by outlining with Khol Pencil 01.

[Images Courtesy of INGLOT Cosmetics]

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