Alterna Haircare Joins Forces with Project Runway

The popular show Project Runway is all about high fashion, and now its about to receive its share of high-end haircare as well. This year, for the first time ever, Alterna Haircare is proudly joining the Project Runway team for Project Runway All Stars.

The elite team of Alterna stylists, led by Global Creative Director Michael Shaun Corby, will work closely with the show's aspiring designers to craft gorgeous, fashion-forward hairstyles each week. Just as the designers work to transform everyday ordinary materials into fashionable works of art, the Alterna stylists will work to compliment these creations by transforming the models' hair into stylish, standout looks.

At the conclusion of each show, Alterna Haircare will release the winning and losing hairstyles, as well as images of the models prepping in the Alterna Haircare salon and strutting the runway in the completed looks.

Tune in every Thursday at 9PM EST to see the exciting styles come to life!

[Images courtesy of Alison Brod PR]

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