Hairstyles How To: Edy Ganem's Updo

Edy Ganem turned heads in an elegant chiffon gown at the annual FGI Los Angeles Charity Event in Beverly Hills. The “Devious Maids” star opted for an up-do hairstyle and rose pink lipstick to finish the look.

 Celebrity Stylist Mika Fowler from the Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills shares how to create the look:

Step 1. The first step to achieve this look is to blow-dry the hair and separated the hair into two sections (front and back). You want to make sure you blow-dry the hair upward to ensure you are maximizing the volume.

Step 2. On the back portion of the part spray Joico’s Texture Boost and make a low ponytail. The Texture boost is a dry spray wax that will give hair that much needed texture to give it the messy look.

Step 3. On the front part of the hair use a shine serum to give the hair some shine before adding some heat.

Step 4. Then using a 1 inch curling iron take hair in sections and curl- nothing to drastic just enough to give it some lift. Once you have curled them all pull the hair back softly.

Step 5. Spray Joico’s Power Spray to the back of hair and tease the hair to add some additional volume.

Step 6. Lastly, casually twist and create a messy textured bun in the back of the head and aim for a low bun.

[Image: Paul Redmond/FilmMagic/GettyImages]

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