Trend Report: Allen Ruiz at Aveda Congress 2013

Fresh off his 2013 NAHA Hairstylist of the Year win, Aveda Artistic Director for Hair Styling Allen Ruiz took the Nomad: Aveda Congress 2013 stage by storm with a three-segment show that featured an array of hairstyles inspired by his winning NAHA collection, as well as futuristic, modern looks. Among these were fashionable bobs painted with Aveda Makeup pigments for a "haircut inside a haircut" effect.

Regarding the show, Ruiz stated, "my goal on stage is to show as many hair styling techniques as I can. Once you know the basic techniques, you can amplify them into avant-garde creations. Using the right Aveda hair styling products as told, you transform the hair into something new."

Expanding on the mod, 1960s vibe of his NAHA hair styles, Ruiz showcased a “homemade Bumpit” technique on stage. Braided coils of hair at the crown helped his voluminous, backcombed shapes defy gravity. According to Ruiz, “with the right techniques and lots of hard work, anyone can create Fashion Week-worthy hair styles.”

Here, Ruiz provides the how-to for this lofty, futuristic look:

Step 1: Prep the hair with Pure Abundance™ Style-Prep™, and apply Volumizing Tonic™ to the roots in the front section for added volume.

Step 2: Create a radial parting from ear to ear, and clip the back section aside. Perform a hard set in the front section.

Step 3: Unclip the bottom section, and smooth the hair up into a ponytail that sits at the top center of the radial parting.

Step 4: Divide the ponytail into two subsections. Create a 3-strand flat braid in each subsection, and secure the ends with hair elastics.

Step 5: Roll up each braid into a coil shape, and pin so the braided coil is standing vertically off the head. The braided coils will act as the foundation for the hair style.

Step 6: Unclip the front section, and backcomb the hair, pushing a fine-tooth comb from mid-lengths to roots. Smooth and direct the backcombed hair over the braided coils, and create the desired pompadour shape.

Step 7: Starting on the right side, sweep and smooth the backcombed hair toward the back of the head, pinning the ends into the braided coil on the left. Position the hair as desired and continue pinning in the braided coils.

Step 8: Smooth and shape the hair until you achieve the desired shape, and finish with Control Force™ Firm Hold Hair Spray.

[Images courtesy of Aveda]

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