Last Minute Halloween Costume: Gatsby Glam

Don't let Halloween sneak up on you! Pravana's guide to creating a glamourous 1920s look, inspired by The Great Gatsby, is quick, easy and will have you Halloween-ready in no time!
What You'll Need:

Super Shape Hair Spray

Hair Pins

Clear Hair Elastics

Wand Curling Iron

Comb and Brush

NEVO Hydra Pearls

DETAIL Shine & Define Polish


Click through to get the steps for creating this look!  [pagebreak]

1. Begin by dividing out the back bottom portion of hair.

2. Back comb at the base to provide anchoring sites for pins. [pagebreak]

3. Divide that section into two and create two loose braids.

4. Twist each braid into a bun and secure by crossing bobby pins through each braid, like an X. [pagebreak]

5. With the remaining hair in the top section, begin by taking sections of hair about an inch in
diameter. Spray the sections lightly with Super Shape.

6. Wrap the section around a 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch wand, beginning at the base and wrapping
towards the ends. For more volume, wrap hair around the wand horizontally. For more curl, wrap
vertically. Pin each section as you continue curling around the head, and then allow to cool. [pagebreak]

7. Once hair is cool, break the curls apart with your fingers or a brush, depending on how
much curl you desire. Apply NEVO Hydra Pearls to strands for added shine.

8. Lightly twist the longer ends of the hair and pin into the cushioned and braided base. [pagebreak]

9. Loosen curls as desired and define the hair with a small amount of DETAIL.

10. Add dazzling accessories to finish the glamorous Gatsby look!

[All images courtesy of Pierce Mattie Communications]

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