Recreate Vanessa Hudgens' Fall-Inspired Hair Color

Recently, actress Vanessa Hudgens changed up her ordinary ombre locks with fall-inspired red and blonde hues. The bright pops of color stand out even more against her dark, chestnut roots for a fun, colorful effect. Love the look? Pravana's Artistic Color Director, Vadre Grigsby has provided a simple step-by-step of how to recreate this fall-inspired hair.


Base: 1 ½ oz. 5.3 + ½ oz. 6.34

Pure Light Power Lightener

VIVIDS Yellow + Clear in equal parts with a drop of Orange.

VIVIDS Red + Orange in equal parts with a few drops of Yellow.


Step 1: Divide hair into four quadrants with the top two separating at the natural parting.

Step2: Apply the base color from scalp through the first few inches of each strand, adjusting the length at which you apply the color as you move into the top section, adding more length.

Step 3: Apply Pure Light Power Lightener with your choice of developer to the remaining ends, lifting to a level 7.

Step 4: Rinse, shampoo, condition, and dry completely.

Step 5: Apply “Red” VIVIDS mixture to the top two-thirds of the lightened portion of each strand.

Step 6: Apply “Gold” VIVIDS mixture to the remaining ends while lightly blending the colors together where they meet.

Step 7: Process at room temperature for 20 minutes.  

Step 8: Rinse with cool water until water runs clear, then shampoo lightly with ChromaSilk VIVIDS Color Protect Shampoo. Follow with ChromaSilk VIVIDS Color Protect Conditioner.  

Step 9: Dry, style and protect with ChromaSilk VIVIDS Color Protect Sealing Spray.

[Image: Getty Images]

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