Skincare How To: Timeless by Pevonia Anti-Aging Pedicure

Timeless by Pevonia De-Aging Foot Collagen Ampoule Treatment

How do you turn your everyday pedicure into an anti-aging treatment that will boost your revenue? Read on, beauty pros!

i>  Foaming Gel Cleanser

  •   Collagen Moisturizer
  •   Radiant Skin Mask
  •   Accessories provided in Timeless By Pevonia Professional Tool Kit

    Ampoule Preparation
    Take 1 ampoule and twist the cap off to remove the seal, then empty the full contents into a product cup.

    Sponge Preparation
    Take 1 Compressed Natural Sponge from the pack and dip it into a bowl with warm water. It will expand and assume a full round shape. Leave this sponge in the water for use.

    Facial Pads Preparation
    Take 4 x 4 pads, open them, and cut them in half. You may stack them for convenience until you need them during the treatment.

    Timeless by Pevonia De-Aging Foot Step-by-Step Treatment

    Use approximately 1 tablespoon of Timeless Silky Skin Cleanser and apply systematically all over the feet and ankles. Spread the cleanser evenly and then begin cleansing by massaging gently. Be sure to completely cleanse the tops and the bottoms of the feet.

    Take the moist sponge with warm water and gently remove the cleanser from the skin.
    Proceed to take two 4 x 4 halves and spritz Timeless Silky Skin Toner onto them. Wipe the skin gently and systematically to remove any remaining residue.

    Dispense ½ of a teaspoon of Timeless Gentle Foaming Scrub into a product cup. Then apply the scrub systematically to the tops and bottoms of the feet. Spread evenly and then wet your fingertips with warm water and work it well using circular motions.
    Take the moist sponge and wipe the skin gently to remove the scrub thoroughly.

    Wet your palms then take a quarter teaspoon of Timeless Foaming Gel Cleanser, and foam the cleanser until you obtain a smooth lather. Apply systematically all over the soles and tops of the feet and lather well. Using dry 4 x 4 pads, remove the excess foam from the skin.

    Proceed to wipe the skin with the sponge moistened with warm water until the cleanser is completely removed.

    Apply Timeless Silky Skin Toner all over the soles and tops of the feet with a 4x4 pad.

    Apply the prepared ampoule leaving about one quarter remaining in the cup. Apply by starting at the top of the feet and then the soles. Spread evenly and then proceed with massage.  Massage until the product is completely absorbed.

    Squeeze 1 teaspoon of Timeless Radiant Skin Mask into a product cup. Using the provided facial brush, apply the mask with long strokes on the top and soles of the feet. Leave mask on for 10 minutes.

    Using the moist sponge with cold water, dampen the mask thoroughly and then remove it completely by wiping gently with long and firm strokes.  After removing the mask, proceed to tone the skin with the Timeless Silky Skin Toner.

    Apply the remaining quarter of the ampoule all over the tops and soles of the feet, and ankles and then massage it gently until completely absorbed.

    For a finishing touch, apply a small veil of Timeless Collagen Moisturizer all over the feet.

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