Hair Trends: Over the Rainbow for Multi-Colored Hair

Celebrities everywhere are embracing the rainbow-colored hair trend, as seen recently on stars such as Ke$ha, Vanessa Hudgens, Rita Ora and Azealia Banks. The look appeared on New York Fashion Week runways this fall, including Rodarte, Fendi, and Givenchy, and ranged from solid bright blues and oranges, to multi-colored dip-dyed locks, to more subtle pops of purple and green. The new trend, demonstrated by celebrities such as Rita Ora, is all about incorporating multiple colors on one head of hair, even mixing cool and warm hues like pink and blue, or red and green. Some stars have even gone all out, opting to dye their hair all six shades of the color spectrum (we're looking at you, Ke$ha). This all-over rainbow look is both fun and pretty, and a guaranteed way to stand out amongst a sea of natural-colored hair.

Another way to wear the rainbow hair trend is to take a cue from actress Vanessa Hudgens who recently added touches of red and yellow to her already dip-dyed locks. Rather than dying her entire head of hair, Vanessa left her roots natural-looking with her signature shade of chestnut brown. As a result, the warm, colorful ends add an unexpected punch of color for maximum impact.

Meanwhile, Rita Ora experimented with her own strands, opting for all-over bursts of color in shades of blue and pink with blonde serving as the base. This blocky, bold look isn't for the faint of heart, yet it somehow still works seamlessly on the award-winning singer.

Whether you prefer bright, true hues, or softer, pastel shades, it's clear that the rainbow hair trend is here to stay!

[Images: Dave Kotinsky, AF/Star Max, and Bryan Bedder, respectively, via Getty Images] 

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